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GS Replaces GTE for Australian Student Assessment


Significant changes have happened regarding Australian student visa as per Australian Embassy. The former Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) criterion has been replaced by the Genuine Student (GS). Understanding these changes and their implications is critical for Nepali students considering studying in Australia. Let's look at the specifics of this transition, such as the meanings of GS and GTE, as well as the documents required for GS compliance.


This criteria does not apply to student visa applications lodged before 23 March 2024. 


General understanding of GS and GTE


The Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) was an important part of Australian student visa assessments, showcasing the temporary nature of a student's stay in the country. It tended to determine the authenticity of a student's intention to study in Australia and return to their home country upon completion of their studies.


The Genuine Student (GS) serves as an evaluation tool to assess the sincerity and qualifications of individuals seeking student visas. Unlike the GTE that focused on the aspect of a students stay the GS delves deeper into a students aspirations by determining their genuine interest, in pursuing studies in Australia that align with their academic and career objectives.


What sets GS apart from GTE?





Genuine Student(GS)


Genuine Temporary Entrant





Assessing the sincerity and qualifications of student visa applicants


Evaluating the temporary nature of a student’s stay in Australia


Assessment Factors


Genuine interest in pursuing studies in Australia


Ties to home country


Alignment with academic and career objectives


Immigration history


Academic Qualifications


Relevance of chosen course to future plans


Financial capability to cover expenses in Australia


Financial circumstances




Determine authenticity of student’s aspirations


Determine intentions to study in Australia temporarily


Documentation  Requirement


Personal statement, academic records, financial proof


Immigration history, financial records, course relevance


Navigating through the Transition


With Australia transitioning from GTE, to GS Nepali students must adapt to the evolving visa assessment criteria. To streamline their visa application process applicants should acquaint themselves with the updated requirements. Diligently prepare all paperwork.


During the shift a significant change is the increased focus, on the sincerity of a students aspirations. Nepali candidates are required to articulate their reasons for selecting Australia as their study location showcasing a connection, between their objectives and the programs they plan to pursue.


Documents needed for GS


To fulfill the requirements of the Genuine Student, Nepali applicants must gather a set of documents. This may consist of;


  • Records and certificates showing previous academic achievements. 


  •  Letters of recommendation, from teachers or employers that showcase the applicants academic skills and personal qualities.


  • A well crafted statement of purpose detailing the applicants educational objectives, career aspirations and reasons for selecting Australia as their study destination.


  • Evidence of capability to cover tuition fees, living expenses and any other study related costs in Australia.


How Mindrisers Can Assist with the Transition?


With the transition from GTE to GS reshaping the landscape of student visa, Mindrisers Educational Consultancy is staying informed about the visa law updates and is well prepared to guide you through this change. Our seasoned professionals will offer guidance and assistance to help you successfully navigate the Genuine Student (GS) and start your journey, in Australia with confidence. Let Mindrisers support you in realizing your dream of studying 


As new developments unfold in student visa regulations Nepali aspiring students are confronted with adapting to this evolving era. Mindrisers Education Consultancy is a leading and trusted name in the field of education consulting. Mindrisers Educational Consultancy comprehends the intricacies of this transition. The services provided by Mindrisers Educational Consultancy are:


  1. Visa Consultation
  2. Documentation
  3. Test Preparation Class
  4. College/University Admission
  5. Scholarship Assistance
  6. Visa Lodgement
  7. Travel Arrangement




The recent implementation of the GS requirement, in the student visa process highlights the importance for Nepali students to take a role and stay well informed. Familiarizing themselves with the GS criteria following guidelines and carefully organizing their paperwork are steps that can greatly boost their chances of getting a visa to study in Australia. This involves demonstrating an interest in studying, showcasing capability and ensuring that their chosen academic path aligns with their educational and career ambitions.


By preparing the required documents and presenting a case to Australian authorities, Nepali applicants can significantly enhance their chances of securing a student visa. Not only does this increase their opportunities for studying in Australia, it also lays a solid foundation, for a rewarding educational journey that matches their future aspirations and objectives.


Are you all set to start your journey towards studying abroad? Let Mindrisers Consultancy be your beacon of guidance. Our team of professionals is ready to assist you at every stage of the process from choosing the destination to obtaining your visa. Don't let doubts hold you back from pursuing your aspirations. Take that step today. Reach out to us. Kickstart your journey, with Mindrisers Consultancy!


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