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Student Visas for Study Abroad: Requirement, Scholarship and Application Process

Embarking on a journey to study abroad and receiving scholarships are significant milestones in one's academic pursuits. However, to ensure a smooth process, it is crucial to understand the eligibility requirements. In this comprehensive guide, MindRisers Educational Consultancy will provide an overview of the eligibility criteria for studying a degree abroad under a student visa, selecting a major, receiving an offer letter, and securing scholarships. We will also highlight how MindRisers' services can support you throughout this process.


Studying a Degree Abroad under a Student Visa

Academic Qualifications

Checking the minimum academic requirements set by your desired educational institution is essential. MindRisers can assess your qualifications and guide you on meeting the requirements, such as completing high school or equivalent education with satisfactory grades.


Language Proficiency

Most universities require proof of language proficiency. MindRisers offers specialized test preparation classes for exams like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and more, ensuring you achieve the minimum required scores. It's important to be aware of the minimum score requirements for each language proficiency test, such as IELTS for student visa Australia, UK student visa, US student visa, Canada student visa.


Financial Capacity

MindRisers understands the financial commitments of studying abroad. We provide guidance on demonstrating sufficient funds through bank statements, scholarship applications, sponsorship letters, or loan sanction letters.


Visa Requirements

MindRisers' expert counselors can guide you through the visa requirements of your chosen study destination, ensuring you meet the documentation, admission, and financial requirements necessary for a successful visa application. We can assist you with understanding the specific requirements for student visa Australia, UK student visa, US student visa, Canada student visa.


Selecting a Major:

Prerequisite Check

Research the prerequisites for your desired major. MindRisers assists in evaluating your academic background and advising on the specific requirements set by universities or colleges.


Program Suitability

MindRisers' counselors help you assess the compatibility of your academic interests and career goals with different majors, ensuring a well-informed decision.


Receiving an Offer Letter:

Application Assistance

MindRisers offers comprehensive support throughout the application process, helping you submit all necessary documents accurately and within deadlines.


Expert Guidance

Our counselors review your application materials, provide valuable insights, and ensure that you present your best self to universities, increasing your chances of receiving an offer letter.


Receiving Scholarships:

Scholarship Opportunities

MindRisers is well-versed in scholarship opportunities offered by universities, government organizations, and private foundations. We assist in identifying suitable scholarships based on your academic achievements and aspirations, including scholarships specific to Canada student visa requirements.


Application Support

Our experienced counselors guide you through scholarship applications, ensuring you meet the eligibility criteria, complete all required documentation, and craft compelling essays to enhance your chances of success.



Studying abroad, selecting the right major, receiving an offer letter, and securing scholarships are exciting prospects that require careful consideration and guidance. MindRisers Educational Consultancy provides comprehensive services to support your journey, from assessing eligibility and preparing for language proficiency tests to assisting with application submissions and scholarship applications. Contact MindRisers today and let our expert counselors help you realize your dreams of studying abroad while maximizing your opportunities for scholarships.


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